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Uncertainty is Part of Growth

authenticity letting go uncertainty Jul 16, 2021

Letting Go is a huge part of growth… 

Its okay to feel “uncertain” in these times… 

This seems to be the theme with clients this week, and I am so excited for it, because it means new realities are being created, and old ones are breaking away!!!

Uncertainty: What is it really???

It's really just YOU diving into spaces of your mind that haven't been explored in a while, or observed from a more conscious mind set. Exploration of the perceivably "unknown", right??

With that exploration, our defense mechanisms from the subsconscious reel or programming want to pop up and say "OH WAIT!! This is unknown... so therefore it must be "un-safe!" ... But is that really TRUE???

Of course not.
Its far more dangerous to stay in old unhealthy patterns or cycles that cause you pain, or limit your true potential.

Consider this: Uncertainty is inevitable, when choosing continual growth... So, can we assume that its safe to say that "Uncertainty is actually CERTAIN, when you embrace your growth process! " ?? Well, Sure! HA! Quick re-wire right now!!!.

Once you familiarize yourself with that idea, you can allow yourself to stay in the flow, and remove the initial "shock" of what uncertainity "feels" like.

Know that you can choose whatever associations that serve you, to help you overcome your challgening thoughts that attempt to hold you back, or even keep you stuck.... ✨

This is the process of you taking back charge of your thought patterns, and forming new belief systems that solidify your choice in living consciously. With that, comes, the space of uncertainty. Don’t fall back into the illusion that your subconscious desires… because it will grasp onto a false sense of security if you allow it.

Stay strong in your beliefs, values and your commitment to healing, growing and creating the EPIC life you deserve….

Enjoy every part of the process… 

Lovingly bless and release what is no longer serving you, and your purpose, so you can step forward in the great wide open spaces of this infinite universe of possibilities!!!! 

Give this “new unknown” space gratitude, and love yourself for being brave and allowing your true essence to emerge!!!!!

Surrender to YOUR authenticity unfolding before your eyes!!!! 👀