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Holly Wynn


Founder of The Mastery Method & Author of The Beginner's Guide to Embracing the Art of A Limitless Life

"Ignite your light. Find your passion."

-Holly Wynn

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Meet Holly


Holly Wynn is the Founder of The Mastery Method, President of Falco’s Friends Non-Profit Initiative, an Author, and is an executive contributor at Brainz Magazine.  As a Personal Development and Mindset Coach her specialty is helping clients laser focus on the limiting beliefs causing distortion in their life. Holly uses her incredible intuitive abilities to identify and disrupt disempowering patterns, and activate the untapped potential inside her clients, helping them unlock the formula for their best life. Holly’s credentials include an AA Psychology & BA Psychology, MA Studies in Philosophy along with trainings in HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety, and Self-Regulation, she is a Certified REBT Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Love and Authenticity Master Coach, Empowered Energetics Instructor and Trainer, Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher,  Arcturian Light Healing Practitioner, and Divinelight Healing Practitioner.

Holly has a way of "seeing the unseen," and helping her clients "illuminate to eliminate" the hidden inner barriers, so they can master the art of a limitless life.

Holly previously worked as the president of a major Personal Development company, before parting ways to found her own business. Holly was a trainer on Suicide Awareness at the 2018 EAP conference at Orange Beach. This topic is especially close to her heart, loosing over 6 people including her father to suicide. Holly lives in the country on a farm with her family, and owns two other companies with her husband, in HVAC & Real Estate. Ultimately, Holly loves helping her clients to recognize their strengths, tap into their intuition, and experience spiritual growth.





AA & BA PSYCHOLOGY & MA Studies in Philosophy 


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It's not all light and love


Your spiritual wellbeing, mindset, and personal development journey IS NOT going to be an unending stream of "light and love."


Having a bad day or a negative thought is NOT going to unravel all of your hard work.


There has been an outbreak of "Toxic Positivity" telling us that we are supposed to be happy and joyous 24/7 and that if we're not we're failing! I'm here to tell you that not only is that not true, but that line of thinking is causing you more harm than good!

It's time to honor your truth


Do you find yourself faking your way through your emotions, forcing smiles, trying to prove to the Universe that you’re ready for better things?


Together, we're going to break the false dogmatic belief that, "you have to be happy 24/7 to manifest your dreams," and instead learn how to honor your feelings, process them, and manifest all of your heart's desires!


Living as the real you


It's time to reconnect to yourself.


Understanding who you are and what has been keeping you from being the fullest expression of your infinite being is the place where you gain the courage to live a limitless life! 


Are you ready?


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Always Remember:

You're a holistic being.

You're meant to feel and experience life in all facets.

Happiness means nothing if we don't understand sadness.

Contrast enhances experience.


If it never rained then we'd never get to have any flowers.