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How to be brave and speak your truth

Sep 21, 2021

People always ask me, how to be brave enough to speak their truth....


Throughout life, we may have collected programming along the way that has caused us to shut our voices down, or even shut them off entirely.


When we uncover the true essence inside ourselves, we open up the realm of possibilities that exist when we honor our truth, and speak it.


However, so many people stay timid to this idea, because they feel like if they do speak up, it may hurt another, or offend someone, or sound selfish, or even fear how they will be received. The fear of being viewed or perceived a certain way is often our motivating force as we interact with others, and choose our dialogue, and even take actions from that space. Every time we do so, we cause a slight disruption in the harmony of our energy , boundaries and our alignment. 


When we speak in a way that doesn't totally honor our truth, or our alignment, we create unneeded suffering, or self criticism that results in un-preferred emotions, and feelings. Then, eventually, we get a little lost along the way, and unsure of ourselves and what we truly find value in.


I implore you to consider a few things you can do each day that allow you to speak your truth in a loving manner. Just because you are speaking your truth, doesn’t mean you have to blatantly disregard others... It means you find the balance to speak your truth from YOUR heart, that aligns with you GENUINELY.


This is where so many people get a "hung up".. because they truly are feared in how the other person will "take it" .. and I am here to lovingly remind you that, its not your issue to ensure the other person takes it a certain way, or its received a certain way. 


If you find yourself concerned about how it will be received, ask yourself a few questions... Ensure that you are not "speaking your truth" from your ego, because that is where we can inflict harm on others because it is not coming from a place of true alignment. We are never truly "aligned" if our ego desires' are our driving force, or motivating factors. Allow yourself to truly take ownership of your intention, and your energy. If you are speaking up because you want to manipulate, hurt, deceive, or gain control of someone, or something else, then its certainly not in alignment with you at a SOUL level, and every time you take an action from a space such as that ... it will always yield un-wanted results. Even demonstrating behavior and making choices and taking actions from a place of ego indulgence will not align, and will ultimately cause harm to others, and further disrupt your energy. Always evaluate your motivations, and intentional energy.. if the intentional energy is to genuinely honor yourself, by taking time for self care, or speaking up for your integrity and values, then that is an aligned action, and decision. However, if you are taking an action from immersing yourself in your ego centered desires that cause you to purposely show lack of consideration for your fellow man, or even yourself, then you have to take responsibility for the consequence of those actions made from that energy and intention.


Sometimes, we have to release our need for controlling the outcome or situation and lovingly, and kindly speak our truth, so we honor our soul, honor our heart, honor our boundaries and honor the other person, whatever that may look like.


Firstly, evaluate your intention, and your energy when speaking your truth. 


This "check-in" with yourself, will allow you to find that place of merit and authenticity that honors your heart, and soul, and your truth.

Does it support your goals, and align to the momentum you want to initiate?


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