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Fear is an Illusion

change courage fear Jun 24, 2021
Holly Wynn

Fear is an illusion.


Fear is an illusion in the mind and can be overcome. 

Fear gains its “perceived truth” through the power we instill in the thoughts that the inner voice is feeding us through programmed beliefs or previous pain. 


Instead of allowing fears to be in charge, taking control of your energy will reinforce your personal power. Remember you have a choice in the face of fear: to believe in IT, or to have faith in yourself. 


To disengage the power of fear, allow your strong mind to see beyond the immediate moment, by allowing yourself to explore alternative perspectives. 

It is in the moments that we CHOOSE to only see something from one perspective that we elicit the permanence and finality of that reality.  



Open your mind to the truth about self-imposed limits, because fear resides on the vibration of lack and limitation… they tend to walk hand in hand. 


So, if I do leave you with anything today… It's just a few simple reminders: 

Your mind is a unique vessel that is fully capable to function without fear... only in the moments we allow it in, it seems real. 

Stay conscious to the truth about self-imposed limits... Fear is one of these limits...

YOU are more real than the illusion of fear... remember YOUR truth 

Let your creativity blossom without creating boundaries for your spirit. 

You always have the power to choose how you want to view the world, and your reality... TAP INTO THAT TRUTH!!!!


Affirmations to move through the energy of FEAR:


I can avoid panic because I know I am strong and powerful.


My mind is open to the truth about self-imposed limits. Fear is one of these limits, but I am stronger than the illusion. I leave fears behind and let my creativity blossom. I avoid creating boundaries for my spirit.


My mind is a unique vessel that functions without fear. 


Today, I am free. Free to go after my dreams. Free from the illusion that tries to make me afraid. And free to create the life I desire.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1. How can I recognize fear before it takes control of my mind? 

2. How can I help my friends eliminate fear and pursue their dreams? 

3. What can I do to stop the fear of failure and achieve my goals?