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Jul 14, 2021

I’ve learned recently to check my expectations for others at the door. I’ve learned so many amazing lessons in and around expectations this year.

You see, the expectations we hold for others are our imposed will upon them. It is what WE want them to say or do and how WE want them to react or respond. When in all actuality and if you believe (as I do) in sovereignty, we shouldn’t have expectations of others. They are who they are and that is beautiful. They react and respond as they see fit in their field at that exact moment.

If we are hurt by OUR expectations of that person then we have some thinking to do and some choices to make. We can allow ourselves to be hurt by what they did or did not do. We can also recognize the feelings that come up for us and examine them. Get curious about why you feel as you do.

If your expectations of how another reacts or responds don’t line up with their actions this is a beautiful opportunity to reflect.

Is this person with their current belief system and patterns someone whose energy (responses) you want in your life?

If you feel the need or want to change them, maybe this relationship has run its course. As it is not our job to change anyone or to change for anyone. IF we find ourselves wanting their reactions and responses to be different maybe our energies have outgrown each other in this current time and space.




Honor that. Honor yourself and how you are feeling. Believe in your truth. Know your truth. And stand tall in your truth. Even if your truth is not their truth. Even if your truth no longer aligns with the friendship, partnership, romantic relationship, or family member. Honor yourself anyway.

Anything less would be a disservice to yourself and to them. Anything other than honoring yourself is a lie. And lies do not carry light. Lies carry a dense and heavy vibration. And it is always easiest to lie to ourselves than to others. Or to tell a white lie.

When you find yourself making excuses, what you’re really doing is lying to yourself. Be honest with yourself and if you must, walk away.