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change courage Jul 02, 2021

What does courage mean to you?


To me, courage means to just love myself anyways…. 

even when the day gets long and I am tired

even when the choices are not so clear

even when I act emotionally 

even when I bumble and stumble over my words

even when I do not think I deserve it

even when others give me reasons to resort to shame

even when it simply doesn’t make sense

even when I just don't want to…..


Courage, to me, is igniting my inner light through relentless love and tireless compassion for myself, and activating honor so I may radiate it out like a shining golden sun, in hopes that it may bring others a little warmth, or sparkle in their own eyes…. ✨


Courage is the act of ultimate personal integrity in the times that tell you otherwise. 


Courage is believing in ALL OF YOU. Every stinking particle. 


So I ask you, my friends, from my heart to yours:

What does courage mean to you?


(Painting credit: Kristin Bobb)