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Does CONTROL control your life?

change control fear Jun 28, 2021
Shekhar Kapur quote

When you release the need for certainty and release your need to CONTROL the outcome of a given situation, you sure do open up a WHOLE new vibration that provides options and opportunities that may have seen hidden before... 


But here is the thing... Essentially, they weren't hidden at all... they were just out of your reach and out of sight because fear and control exist on an entirely different vibrational space than faith, confidence, and knowingness. 


So when we choose to clutch onto control, even if it's because we want to be certain we are provided for, or taken care of, or even because WE WANT the best for someone... it's still FEAR. Plain and simple. 


The frequency of fear will then infuse each thought and action you take, from that space, and then your external world reflects what you feel internally........ UNTIL.......you fully dig the root of that fear up and lovingly release it and set it free.


So what are some things you have done lately that may have seemed to be in "good intentions", when in fact, if you are truthful, they were driven by fear?


The beautiful thing is: when we are aware of it, we CAN CHOOSE to change it. We don't have to beat ourselves up, or judge ourselves from coming from a space of fear ... we can be grateful that we SEE it for what it is now, and simply decide to step over it and choose what we want and what intuitively guides us moving forward. 


We don't have to be sentenced to a life of FEAR. We can choose to instead infuse all we do with appreciation and awareness.


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