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Do you feel stuck?

change flow stuck Jun 10, 2021
Holly Wynn

Are you a stick in the mud or are ya surfing the waves of life? 🏄🏼 


Change can be experienced as a fluid movement from one form to the next as you appreciate your interaction with life itself.


We are only “stuck” when we forget that energy (our emotions and attitude) is in a constant state of flow and flux, and, through this, we constrict the flow of options available to us, simply by our thoughts focusing on “being stuck.”


So, taking that logic and applying it:

If our focus merely prohibits the flow of energy just ‘cause we believe it to be so... then doesn’t it make ya wonder a bit about the incredible power of our minds?🤯🧐 (and if we choose something a bit different?) 


If we shift our focus on something that can actually benefit us, then what type of movement can we create in our life to support our desires and goals?


Essentially, energy is ALWAYS moving, so if we acknowledge this advantage and allow this to be an asset to our choices, we can lean on this knowledge to fuel our own personal movement and allow the flow to carry us along our path without so much friction. 


So, I ask you... are you riding the flow or going against the grain? 

Or are you slap stuck in the mud?


If you were to shift your focus on what you value instead, what would happen and how would you feel?


I wanna see ya living your wildest dreams and exceeding your potential!

(but... hey, it starts with YOU)