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What we Think Healing Looks Like

activated feelings growth soul Oct 22, 2021


I have literally implemented EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of these items, this week specifically.


The waves of our growth experience ebb and flow, like the waves in the ocean. It is perpetual and ever-changing. Our growth is perpetual, like the water in the sea. We cannot resist it or prolong it. We can just alter the sensations of it through our choices.


Perhaps some days we interact with it in a delicate, refreshing way, and allow the glory from our lessons to wash over us, and cleanse us of our karmic residue... 

While other days, we get swept away in the tempestuous motion of the relentless thrashing of the water. 


The very element that is vital to sustaining life, is also the very element that can easily take it away in a flash... if proper vigilance and preparation are not in place.


I ask you, how are you experiencing your growth, and life phase now?

Are you getting swept up into the crashing waves? 

Or have you prepared yourself and equipped your mind and soul with the power to move through the mighty sea, with the promise of the rising sun?


Honor each phase of yourself, your healing, and your human experience by deeply exploring what resonates with you in each moment.


To build a more conscious existence, and to be fully engaged in the joy of life, we must HONESTLY explore how we choose to "partner" with our emotions and energy to fortify our very existence.


We are not simply our minds. 

We are not simply our feelings. 

We are not simply the projected perceptions of others.


We are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings, pining for a unified experience, through the ONENESS that we already are.


Let go of the paradigm of needing to "protect" yourself, to comply and please others...

INSTEAD, decide... How can you PREPARE yourself, through energetic vigilance, to reinforce your sovereign nature?


Authenticity is ONLY built through LIVING IT. 

Not intending it, not declaring it, not learning "how to be it"...

It is ACTIVATED from your inner essence... your true essence in the moments you "think" you should be anything else BUT it.




All else will align and fall into place in accordance to the vibrational match you become by the embodiment of YOUR TRUTH.


Where are you expanding? 

Where are you contracting?

In what areas are you in an ebb or a flow??? Are you fluidly moving through it with GENUINE truth? ... it can be messy, it can be clunky, it can be shaky, it can frankly look quite un-perfect.... but none of that matters... 


Most importantly, the one thing that does matter, is that your un-adulterated truth is being activated through your words, actions, and energy.


How is your soul being translated THROUGH YOU?


~Holly Wynn